At TMG, we strive high to present stunning results

Providing accurate and up-to-date information with skilled analysis and sound investment advice is TMG’s top priority. Our team of top project managers and business analysts are always exploring new ideas and business strategies to ake the investment process less hectic and easier for the land owners investors and the developers.


At TMG we are very much excited and proud to assist our clients who are looking for Office Space to rent and even we can have arrangements for companies to buy an office at their preferred locations. Our key considerations are always best prices, good location, professional contract structure, and many other aspects of a real estate deals. TMG has an intimate knowledge of the local market and is uniquely qualified to assist local and international clients.


For Corporate and Retail spaces TMG offers very attractive arrangements specially to brands and multinational companies with again key consideration includes the top location demographics with good traffic counts and higher foot fall with best structured business contracts. This gives much freedom to brands and companies so they can concentrate more on their business to pursue their objectives and achieve higher level of success.


Whether its buying or selling of Commercial land TMG keeps on offering its innovative business data pool to all the real estate investors. However TMG’s bigger vision is to get best available land and bring our investors and Real Estate developers on the table to come up with out of the box development options in high end real estate projects. Our team of top project managers are much more capable in helping out clients to make important decisions while always listing to their feedback. TMG puts together a plan that takes clients input into account and executes it in such a way that maximizes the benefit for them.


TMG has extensive market knowledge in dealing with industrial lands, we are well equipped to assist any company in finding the right location to meet their industrial needs. By focusing on project specific requirements such as rail access, ground level and/or dock hi loading, highway access, we can narrow the search and streamline the process for optimum success. We always believed in a developed systematic approach and method in handling the complexities of any project. From finding the right site then performing the proper due diligence and developing as well as managing the projects are all key aspects of a successful project development process.


Our passion and one of TMG’s top services available to the building owners like malls, office plazas and other old building structures we offer innovative and vibrant styles and designs for building Façade reshaping through top developers who are in our Real Estate Development pool already. This is an integral part of revitalizing the urban core and bring amazing and vibrant look for our cities. This has been and will continue to be a passion for TMG. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an old building structure to be restored in a new way that will contribute to our community for years to come.


In property management we begin with the fundamentals of this field and then work to develop innovative and practical solutions for businesses. We offer clients to maintain high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction. At TMG we strive high and passionately enough to ensure all our clients the higher business values in investments by maximizing property values through effectively managing operating costs and increasing cash flows.


TMG as a core domain is a consulting company first of all, providing top consulting services to Real Estate Franchise and business investment domains. Each client’s business or ideas are first very well analyzed and come up with the best top of the line customized solutions designed especially for that client enabling them to achieve their business objectives and goals. TMG always starts from ground zero with a clear understanding of each client’s needs, the business intelligence we use includes innovative strategic approach to guide the clients through the process letting them understand the value of all the business process and the steps included in a gradual growth so that the outcome is amazing and successful.

TMG - the development process

TMG initiates the development process first with land owners on one hand and on the other arranges investors to invest in different projects, as well as we also initiate top Real Estate Developers to come up with the best suitable architectural designs with fascinating facade structural ideas and development strategies with complete project development solutions.

Every project we take first goes through the analyses stage under the supervision of our team of Real Estate professionals to accomplish all the fallowing.

  • Market analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Usage concept
  • Competition analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost analysis

All the initial data is collected, Sites are visited, meetings are arranged by TMG with investors and project developers.

About TMG

TMG an innovative company deals passionately in Real Estate Ventures, Franchise and Business Investments as well as Branding. Swift business decisions with highly professional integrated teams initiate any given project with dedication and professional approach, executing and finishing them all successfully